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The vineyard of Utiel-Requena

The history of wine is ancient and alive. For BVC BODEGAS S.L. part of the Bordeaux-based company SAS Benoit Valerie Calvet, the beauty of wine lies in the fact that its heritage and tradition can be kept alive without compromising modernity. 

EL MACHO® is the quintessence of this motto. 

EL MACHO’S® aim is to express the quality and geographic uniqueness of the Utiel-Requena vineyards and soils. EL MACHO® is made exclusively with grapes from DO Utiel-Requena “Superior”, displaying superior quality worthy of the name, near Valencia in the east part of Spain. 

It is principally renowned for the Bobal grape, which literally translated means ”bull head”, however, other grapes are being cultivated successfully, like the Spanish signature grape Tempranillo and the Merlot that goes perfectly with the Bobal. 

Today the region boasts 34.312 ha of vineyards situated on hilltops of altitudes between 600 and 800m. This provides great growing conditions with mild winters, hot summer days, cool nights and a fresh sea breeze known as ”Solano”. Most of the vineyards are harvested purely by hand. 

Since 2008, EL MACHO® has been made exclusively from grapes grown by 3000 families, all members of the co-op, some of them for more than 60 years. 

The people at BVC BODEGAS S.L believe in what they call a ”slow wine”: they carefully observe every step of the process, in vineyard and cellar, and grant the wine time to express itself. 


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